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About Us

All of us here at Shap Chippy understand the importance of sourcing local ingredients, cooking fresh and delicious food in a warm and inviting restaurant with the best customer service.

As such we try to prepare as much on site as we can. Our day starts at 6am with Peeling and Chipping the potatoes we need for the day. We source the freshest potatoes to ensure you get a light, fluffy and crispy chip every time.

We then start to cut the fish. Ashley, one of the Owners of Shap Chippy, is a trained fishmonger with years behind the chopping board, he makes sure our fish is sustainably sourced and fresher than fresh. Our fish is caught either in the North Atlantics cold waters or the icy Icelandic seas. Once on board it is then cleaned, skinned, filleted and frozen within 4 hours of landing…. That’s some quick filleting let me tell you. Once it’s in our shop we fillet them down to our sizing of small, regular or large every single morning ready for the day ahead.

Then we move onto the frying range. We use a high efficiency range which means we don’t use excessive gas and our oil is maintained at the right temperatures for when we need it … Making the batter light, crispy and delicious. We fry in fully 100% sustainable vegetable oil which is virtually trans fat free and contains NO hydrogenated fats. We filter the oil every morning and keep them topped up with fresh oil throughout the day. We fry with the aim for your food to have as little oil run off as possible … We look at the science behind our cooking medium and the cook times to ensure your food is consistently delicious.

Then we get the pies in the oven, which are handmade and award winning on their own, sourced locally from Carlisle. We make sure they are golden on top and steaming hot on the inside. 

We also have our signature Smoked Sausage, made specifically for us at Shap Chippy and oak smoked at ‘The Port of Lancaster’ Smokehouse. I know it’s a long way for a hog to travel but its totally worth it when you see that 8oz sausage arrive on the plate!

Once that’s all done we can get to opening the doors and serving our award winning fish and chips. We recommend booking ahead for a table in our modern, warm and welcoming restaurant area to make sure you can experience the excellent customer service delivered by our staff during their table service.

After you have enjoyed your main course we have a selection of desserts, including the locally renowned Cartmels Sticky Toffee Pudding! Or if you’re full up enjoy a Rijo42 speciality coffee or signature hot chocolate … then leave the cleaning up to us!

Matt and Ashley, Owners of Shap Chippy, strongly believe in using locally sourced ingredients, producing high quality product and delivering outstanding customer service … just check out our trip advisor and google reviews! 

We are also proud to say we have the highest hygiene rating of 5.

We really hope you enjoy your visit with us whether you eat in or takeaway we know you’ll enjoy every last bite.

About Cleveland House – “Shap Chippy”

Penrith based firm of Hetherington Bros. occupied the building Cleveland House site until about 1920. Their trade was grocery, and they were also tallow chandlers, selling candles which, according to their advertising ‘may be known by the blue thread in the wick’.

In 1922, Mr Lancelot Gaddas bought the premises, and it was he, who had been born in the northeast, who named the property Cleveland House. The building at that time comprised three units, the corner one the shoe shop, the middle section a sweet shop and the most northerly, next the Verdun House, a warehouse with double doors.  In 1929 these three units were incorporated into one. Mr Gaddas was a clogger, but he found it difficult work in the dust as he had been gassed during the First World War.

During the 1930’s the running of the business was placed in the hands of a nephew by the name of E. Waller. Mr Gaddas took control again in 1940 making clogs and doing shoe repairs, when he died in 1947, his son Edwin was serving in the army in India, but was given a compassionate discharge, and took over the shop. Edwin Gaddas and his wife Mary ran the shop selling footwear (until the 1970’s), fancy goods and confectionery, until 1982 when they retired to Appleby.

The business was sold to Ken and Jean May, who sold the premises to the Turnbulls, they converted it into a Fish and Chip Shop moving their business from the premises now occupied by Age Concern. A fish and chip shop continued at the premises under several ownerships until 2012 when it closed following a fire.

It was then overhauled and reopened by Jo Hampson and Georgina Perkins.  In 2015 the business received best new comer out of the whole of the UK from the National Fish and Chip Awards. Since 2015 the business has won many other large awards from the industry. In 2017 the business was put on the market as the current owners wanted to retire and in July 2018 it passed to the current owners Matt & Ashley Phillips.

Matt and Ashley Phillips